The GED® test on paper

Since 1942, people have taken the pencil and paper version of the GED® test. It’s served as a pathway to a better education, better jobs, and a better life. You’ll find more than 3,000 testing centers offering the GED® test on pencil and paper. 


Just like the GED® test on computer, the pencil and paper test is taken at an official testing center. You must appear in person at a testing center. You cannot take the test online. You’ll be able to locate a testing center by entering your ZIP code and finding the most convenient center for you.

Want to find an adult education classroom, first? Use our classroom locator and find an adult education class that will help you prepare for your test.  Also, visit your state’s policy page to learn more about your individual pencil and paper policies.


Schedule your pencil and paper GED® test at the location you plan to attend. You can either call or show up during business hours to schedule the test. Check with your testing center to make sure that you meet all the requirements necessary. When you show up to take the test, you’ll be required to bring:

Please arrive early. At some testing centers, latecomers will lose their seat or not be allowed to test. To schedule your test, find a testing center near you and contact them directly


Accommodations provide full access to the GED® test. To be considered for an accommodation you must be able to provide proper documentation from a doctor or other professional who can explain your limitation and what accommodation is appropriate. Learn more about accommodations for the pencil and paper version of the GED® test here.


The pencil and paper version of the GED® test will retire at the end of 2013 in the United States. On January 2, 2014 the GED® test will be offered exclusively on computer in all jurisdictions (except Canada). Learn more about the GED® test on computer.