"Maybe I'll go all the way and end up
getting my PhD! The possibilities are endless."

Sierra J.

N. Carolina GED® Graduate

"I started making a lot of bad decisions in my early teen years that led me into a lot of trouble and away from my promising future. I went from an honor student with good grades who was heavily involved in extracurricular activities, to a high school drop out with nothing to look forward to. I became really depressed and thought I had ruined my life. I decided to finally get serious about my life in February of 2014 and I began the GED program which was offered by the local community college. I stayed motivated by my past.

I liked the GED Ready because it helped me see where I was in a certain subject and made me feel better about taking the test. I would log on to the MyGED Portal to look at the study recommendations for a certain subject and then I would use a GED study book to make sure I understood what I needed to know for the test.

I now attend the same community college I went to for my GED! I am working on my Associate's in Science which is a transfer program, meaning it transfers to a four-year university. I intend to become a Physician's Assistant! Most people are in the dark about the possibilities with a GED and believe it's not as good as a high school diploma, but I say just take it one degree at a time! Who knows, maybe I'll go all the way and end up getting my PhD! The possibilities are endless. Earning my GED was just the first step to a promising future!"


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