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  • You must appear in person, at the testing center, to take the official GED® test. You can now test on a computer in more than 30 states.
  • Before visiting an Official GED Testing Center™, please call to confirm the testing center’s business hours. While most centers are open during normal business hours on weekdays, some are open during evening hours and weekends too.

    Also, the physical location where the test is taken might be different from the center’s mailing address shown on this site. Please call and confirm the address of the location where testing is offered.

    Many centers operate additional locations where you can take the GED® test. These locations are not listed on this website search tool. Once you’ve located the nearest center based on ZIP code, please call the center to find out if they offer testing at an additional site that is closer to you.

    In addition, residency restrictions may affect where you can take the GED® test. These restrictions vary from province to province. While most provinces allow testing for residents at any center within the province, some provinces require that you take the GED® test at a center located in your county of residence.
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