Need to pass the GED® Math Test?

Study at home or with an instructor using these free, video-based online math courses. The videos provide step-by-step guidance on more than 20 math concepts that you need to know to pass the 2002 Series GED® Math Test. Go to the free online math course.

  • Find out what’s on the math test
  • Learn helpful test-taking strategies
  • See problem solving for math concepts
  • Review each math concept

The free online GED® math course features videos that range from less than a minute to no more than nine minutes in length. To watch videos, simply visit, register, and select the math concept that you want to review.



GED® Math Test concepts include:Math Course button

  • Solving word problems
  • Understanding fractions
  • Using the calculator
  • Grid answers to fraction problems
  • Understanding charts and graphs
  • Algebraic word problems

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