"If I could do it at 68 years old, anyone can do it."

Frances P.

Colorado GED® Graduate

"I wanted to start college classes, but having a GED was required. It was something I wanted to do for years.

I enjoyed the studying and finding any materials I could use to help me pass the test. I started studying for it in months earlier and after studying for many hours a day, I finally felt ready to take the test. I checked out every GED book I could find, so I used many to prepare for the test. During that time, I went on vacation to California where I checked out GED books at a library there to study as well, so I could come back home and be more prepared to take the test.

I am taking college classes which has been my main goal and being I am 68 years old, I just want to continue to have fun studying and finding out how much more I can accomplish. Receiving my GED diploma was one of my greatest accomplishments in life. I was also one of the first to take the computer based test and if I could do it at 68 years old, anyone can do it."

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