You have arrived at this web page because you were looking for either Senford High School or Sunshine High School. Unfortunately, both Senford and Sunshine High Schools were fraudulent companies and not recognized or accredited by any State or Territory in the United States.

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What happened to Senford High School and Sunshine High School?

You may have paid to earn a high school diploma from one of these schools or you may be an employer attempting to verify that a potential employee did in fact graduate from one of these schools. GED Testing Service, LLC and The American Council on Education brought an action in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York that in August of 2012 resulted in a judgment enjoining the defendants from operating these schools or any other school purporting to offer a high school diploma or equivalency credential.

If you were a victim of this fraud we suggest you:


*If your payment was recently processed it may be possible to obtain a credit back for that amount. GED Testing Service and The American Council on Education have no control over how the credit card companies will treat your request and therefore cannot offer you any assistance in the event that your request is denied. We have also been unsuccessful in locating any assets from the defendants that can be used to reimburse you some or all of what you paid them.