Where we stand

At GED Testing Service, we know—as do our more than 18 million alumni—that second chances can change lives. And we recognize that second chances are about finding successful ways to put millions of lives that are on hold in motion—by creating the pathways that can help make dreams a reality. At GED Testing Service, it is all about adult learners.

We know about second chances because we’ve been helping to create them for 70 years—first for returning WW II veterans and later for millions of civilians. We also know that life happens…making it seemingly impossible to finish the education needed to earn a traditional high school diploma. Choosing to earn a GED® test credential signals the beginning of an important journey that develops confidence, builds skills, and enhances life success for adults who have the courage to pursue their dreams.

At GED Testing Service, we are committed to ensuring that more adult learners are career and college ready. We believe it's what adult learners want and we know we can help. In providing a second chance, we can do our part to empower adult learners. Yes—because the GED® test can unlock adult learners’ potential to achieve. Earning a GED® test credential gives adult learners the confidence to move forward with their plans for careers, training, or additional education—in short, getting their lives on track.

Because we’re passionate about adult learners, we're hard at work on a new assessment system—a new test plus a suite of assessments—that will provide better information to test-takers, instructors, employers and educational institutions about test-takers’ demonstrated skills and developmental needs. Although many things have changed in 70 years, one thing hasn’t: Adults still need our help with many of the same transitions—and the stakes and payoffs are even higher than ever before. Our goal is to ensure that adult learners are prepared to enter and succeed in the career and educational opportunities that lie ahead of them.





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