Offer the GED® Test on Computer

Help bring GED® testing to your community by becoming a GED® testing center. The process is simple and you will only need two computers and Internet access to get started.

Offering the GED® test makes testing more flexible for your students and testing center. And once set up, each testing center will receive compensation for every GED® test they deliver. Get started today, decide when, where and how often you offer the GED® test.



OPT 3Option 1

Choose which tests to offer
Offer the GED® test and additional Career & Technical Education certifications to connect adults to good jobs and good wages or offer only the GED® test.

Option 2 

Choose who can test at your testing center
Offer tests to the local community or just serve your own students.


Option 3 

Choose to take the test on the road
Opt to take the GED® test closer to where your students live.


For more details about differences between these options for offering the GED® test, download the Offer the GED® Test flyer.


No matter which option you choose, your testing center can expect the same great benefits.

  • $5 per testing hour in compensation for delivering the GED® test
  • Receive full payment for every scheduled GED® test, including no shows and extensions for accommodations
  • No dedicated equipment required
  • Only one examiner needs to be present during testing
  • Choose to accept checks, money orders, or cash directly from students
  • Choose to schedule and accept student payments on test day to avoid no-shows
  • Purchase vouchers to use for student payments


Prepare to become an authorized GED® test site

Now that you know how you want to offer the GED® test, in order to offer the GED® test, testing centers are required to become an authorized GED® testing site also known as a Pearson VUE Authorized Test Center (PVTC). GED Testing Service and Pearson VUE are committed to partnering with your testing center to ensure a smooth transition to offering the GED® test on computer.

Steps include:

  • Reviewing requirements

  • Gathering contact details

  • Filling out an application

Click here to get started and follow the steps to becoming a PVTC.

What to expect for technology, quality, and security

The type of technology you need depends on how you decide to offer the GED® test. Most testing centers need two computers (one for the test-taker; one for the test administrator) and we will guide you on what security equipment package is needed for your GED® testing site. Below are some downloadable items that will help you with your conversion.



To begin offering the GED® test on computer, all testing centers are required to become an authorized GED® testing site.




Learn how Correctional institutions can use fixed or mobile testing to offer the GED® test on computer.




Payment symbol
Payment Center

Learn how your GED® testing center can get set up to accept different payment types from students