GED® Test Item Samplers

(Updated: March 2016)

The GED Test® Item Samplers provide access to example test items that address some of the assessment targets on the GED® test. They also demonstrate the look and feel of the GED® test on computer.

These tools have been designed with adult educators in mind, to provide examples of the types of test questions that will be incorporated into the new test, and to help you better understand the knowledge and skills that will be measured on the test. They are available in both English and Spanish. Using these resources should help you to prepare adults to take and succeed on the GED® test.

The sample item information is available in several formats to support a variety of uses. No matter which format you choose, all of the same information is accessible in each format:


(Internet access required)


Click on the links below to download the interactive Item Samplers. Once downloaded you may view the Item Samplers, even when you're not connected to the Internet.