Let’s build a better testing experience

Want to learn more about GED® testing on computer? We’ve put together a series of education courses to help you learn about computer-based testing and the GED® test. The Education & Planning courses will also help you discuss testing on computer with colleagues and explain the test delivery method to test-takers.


Learn more about the GED® test on computer, and share what you’ve learned with others. We’re creating new Education & Planning courses alongside supplemental material.

Course 1: Introduction to Computer-Based Testing (CBT)

Course 2: Becoming a Pearson VUE Authorized Test Center (PVTC)

Course 3: CBT Pricing

Course 4: CBT Policies in the GED Testing Program

Course 5: Registration and Scheduling

Course 6: CBT in Correctional Facilities

Course 7: Channel Management/Test Center Network

Course 8: CBT Communications

Course 9: CBT Implementation


Understand a particular area of the GED® test on computer better. Review additional information in our supplemental materials.

Note: It is strongly recommended that supplemental materials are accessible as you review the related course.


1A: Benefits of Partnership

1B: Usability Study Overview

1C: Comparability Study Overview