GED Ready® Practice Test Vouchers

GED Ready® practice test vouchers give educators an easy and convenient way to offer their students the GED Ready® practice test in their classroom. Follow the steps listed below to place your GED Ready® practice test order and guide your students as they use their voucher to take the test and review their Enhanced Score Report through the MyGED® online portal.

Order GED Ready® Practice Test Vouchers for your Classroom 

  1. Review the list of publishers offering 2014 GED® program materials at
  2. Contact the publisher of your choice directly to complete your GED Ready® practice test purchase
    1. When your purchase is complete, you’ll receive an email from your publisher with voucher codes that can be used by your students to order the GED Ready® practice test. One voucher code is good for one GED Ready® test subject.
  3. Distribute the voucher codes to your students as you see fit

Proctor a GED Ready® Testing Session using your Vouchers

By proctoring a session, you can help your students with the computer-based testing format and review their test results to see how prepared they are for the official test.

  1. Have your students log in to on their computer
  2. Walk your students through the process of redeeming their GED Ready®practice test vouchers
    1. Click “Study” in the blue bar at the top
    2. On the right, click “Take GED Ready®
    3. From this page, students will:
      • Choose the subject they wish to take
      • Choose the language
      • Review the exam details and system requirements (Students must take the GED Ready® practice test on a computer that meets the system requirements. It cannot be taken on a smartphone or tablet)
      • Click “Take GED Ready®
    4. Click “Add Another” to add more practice tests
    5. Click “Proceed to Checkout” if the order is correct as is
    6. Verify order information and read and check the terms and conditions box
    7. Enter the voucher code information in the “Voucher/Promotion Code” and click “Next”
    8. Click “Begin exam” on the order confirmation page to begin the GED Ready® practice test

Access the Enhanced Score Report with your Students

Once your students complete the GED Ready® practice test, they can access their scores and feedback instantly with the Enhanced Score Report. To review your student’s Enhanced Score Report with them:

  1. Have your students log in to on their computer
  2. Click on “My Scores” in the blue bar at the top or “Get your Scores” on your “Scores” tile
  3. GED Ready® practice test scores are at the bottom of the page and are divided into four subjects
  4. Click on “View Results” to see and print your student’s full score report for each subject



Order from publishers directly to save on GED Ready® practice tests for your classroom.


All GED Ready® practice test vouchers have an expiration date

  • Enter the complete code to redeem a voucher
  • Students have 120 days from the date they redeem the voucher code to take the practice test.
  • Each voucher code can only be used by one student