The GED® Test on Computer

GED Testing Service is committed to providing adult learners with more opportunities to earn a high school equivalency credential and pursue goals of college, training, and jobs. Thirty-nine million Americans don't have a high school diploma and the current GED® testing program reaches just two percent of this population. Offering the current 2002 Series GED® Test on computer provides these adults with increased and improved access to GED® testing today, and prepares them for the demands of postsecondary education and careers tomorrow.

The GED® test on computer still requires test-takers to show up in person, at an official testing center, to take the test.

Benefits of offering the 2002 Series GED® Test on computer:

  • Test-takers can access an easy-to-use online registration and scheduling system
  • Test-takers receive instant score reports on four of the five content areas
  • Programs will eliminate the need for securing test booklets
  • Streamlined services from GED Testing Service and its partner, Pearson VUE, will centralize registration, scheduling, testing and scoring 

Moving the current 2002 Series GED® Test to a computer delivery model prepares the program and adult learners today for the new assessment coming out January 2, 2014, in all jurisdictions (except Canada). The new assessment will include the latest standards in assessment development such as complex item types that require a computer-based delivery platform.

Interested in learning more? Read the Benefits for Programs (PDF; 1.5MB) brochure or visit our webpages on the New Assessment.



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Testing on computer uses simple on-screen cues and directions to guide test-takers through the process. View tutorial or download the Mac or PC version for easy use on your computer. Note: This tutorial is not compatible with Firefox.