Featured Research

There is a wealth of research and publications that look at differing facets of education, and GED Testing Service wants to highlight research that takes a critical look at factors relevant to adult learners, GED® test-takers, and the GED® testing program. For your convenience we will highlight peer-reviewed, published research that compliments the driving force and mission of GED Testing Service: to provide a rigorous, high quality credential and a second shot to adults without a high school diploma.


College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education

Source - Department of Education
Author - Susan Pimentel, Student Achievement Partners

Recent Participation in Formal Learning Among Working-Age Adults With Different Levels of Education

Source – Department of Education: National Center for Educational Statistics 


U.S. High School Graduation Rates: Patterns and Explanations

Source – The National Bureau of Economic Research
Author – Richard J. Murnane, Harvard University Graduate School of Education


Career Clusters: Forecasting Demand for Jobs 2008-2018

Source: Georgetown Center on Education & the Workforce

America’s Forgotten Middle-Skill Jobs

Source: Skills 2 Compete  

State Fact Sheets About Middle-Skill Jobs

Source: National Skills Coalition  

Can California Compete? Reducing the Skills Gap…

Source: Americas Edge

Bridging the Skills Gap: Help Wanted, Skills Lacking

Source: ASTD

GED® Credential to College: Patterns and Participation in Postsecondary Education Programs

Source: ACE/GED Testing Service Report 

ACT Research Points to Continued Gap Between High School Preparation, College Expectations

Source: ACT