Economic Impact

GED Testing Service recognizes that adult education has the power to transform the national economy and local family budgets. That’s why we’re bringing innovative technologies and ideas to adult education to empower a generation of educated and employed adults. 


  • There are 39 million adults who do not have a high school diploma. High school dropouts cost the US $1.8 billion annually. (Source)
  • Adults who earn a GED® credential can earn the same level of weekly wages as high school graduates, increasing their earning potential by about $115 per week. (Source)
  • If the number of dropouts among Americans age 20 was cut in half, the U.S. would gain $45 billion in higher tax revenues and lower costs for health, jail, and welfare. (Source)
  • If the U.S. had in recent years closed the gap between its educational achievement levels and those of better-performing nations, GDP in 2008 could have been $1.3 trillion to $2.3 trillion higher. This represents 9 to 16 percent of GDP. (Source)
  • In 2012, the unemployment rate for high school dropouts was 12.4%, high school graduates 8.3%, some college but no degree 7.7%, associate degree 6.2%, bachelor degree 4.5%, master degree 3.5%.  (Source)

The GED® program gives adults a fighting chance to go to college or get a good job with good wages.  For 70 years, we’ve made it our mission to help adults not just pass, but succeed. We owe these adults nothing less; their futures depend on it.