Our nation bears a significant burden from high school dropouts and this impacts communities throughout America. A GED® credential is the first step to a good job with good wages and a chance to live the American dream. Why wouldn’t we invest $120 to get someone their GED® credential? Their future depends on it. 

The price of the GED® test (to the students) varies from state to state – it is determined by the state. Within a state there may be subsidies offered by local community groups and other organizations to offset the price of the test.


An analysis shows that the cost to the state of delivering the GED® test on paper is much higher than the price that the state is charging. Most states have historically included subsidies in what they charge students. While the state can choose to subsidize the $120 cost for computer delivery, like they have with paper, many states are choosing not to do so.

With the launch of the new 2014 GED® test--the only high school equivalency test built from the ground-up and aligned to adult college and career readiness standards--enhanced services such as the MyGEDTM portal, GED AnalyticsTM, GED CredentialingTM, and the GED® score report will be included within the cost.

PBT Cost Model

CBT Cost Model