What College Ready Means for Students

GED® students considering postsecondary education now have an edge in earning certificates, credentials and their degree. When students score within GED® College Ready or GED® College Ready + Credit score levels, it can put them on a path to easier transition to college and career training.

With many of America’s jobs becoming harder to fill, GED® students can aim to score higher and become more competitive in a changing job market.

College Ready Benefits

Earning GED® College Ready or GED® College Ready + Credit allows students to keep the momentum towards earning a postsecondary credential. See benefits chart below.

Score levels

What do Scores at the GED® College Ready + Credit Level mean?

Students who score 175-200 (on any subject test) have demonstrated skills that could qualify them for the benefits at the GED® College Ready level, and enable them to earn a recommendation to receive college credits when they enroll in a participating postsecondary institution.

What do Scores at the GED® College Ready Level mean?

Students who score 165-174 (on any subject test) have demonstrated college readiness skills. When students enroll in postsecondary education, scores at this level may enable students to qualify for waivers from developmental education requirements and courses and/or waivers from placement testing.

Each of the GED® subject area tests has specific recommendations from the American Council on Education College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT®) at the GED® College Ready performance level. Each recommendation applies to an individual subject area test and is not dependent on results on multiple tests.




What the Credit Level Scores Mean for Institutions

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