Join the 2002 Series Closeout Campaign

For 70 years, adult educators and GED Testing Service have worked together to provide a bridge of opportunity for adult learners without a high school diploma. With the current version of the GED® test expiring in 2013, we need to work closely to notify adult learners about the change and how it could affect them.

When the 2002 Series GED® Test expires, any incomplete scores will expire too. Test-takers who pass some but not all of the 2002 Series GED® Test will have to start over. Join the 2002 Series Closeout Campaign and tell adult learners to finish the GED® test by the end of 2013.

You have the power to inspire and encourage adult learners to finish the GED® test and open doors to college, better jobs, and the respect they deserve. Join the campaign, today


Find partners in your community! The New Year is here and it’s time to ramp up your Closeout Campaign outreach. Locate different organizations and programs within your community that can help connect you with potential GED® test-takers. Ask for five minutes to address their group about the closeout of the 2002 Series GED® Test. Download the message guide to help prepare yourself.


Website graphic ad: Use your website to reach test-takers looking for answers online and spread the word about finishing the test by the end of 2013.  We’ve got a free Website Graphic Ad to make your closeout message stand out.Go to 

  1. Download the 0727d Website Graphic Ad
  2. Send the ad file to the person who manages your website
  3. Tell the web person to link the ad to

Communications outreach templates: Reach more test-takers with a consistent message. Customize the outreach materials we’ve created for the campaign, including an email, letter, and phone script. These communications will be key ways to reach test-takers.

Campaign message guide: Download the campaign message guide and see the core message and supporting talking points that we’re focusing on during the campaign. Available en Español.

Outreach guide (updated 10/31/12): Download the outreach guide and learn about our research-based communication strategies and best practices for test-taker outreach.

National press release: Spread the word to the adult education community everywhere. Read and share our campaign press release that was sent to media outlets nationwide. 

Local press release template: Customize our local press release so it is specific to your community, and then share it with local media to help raise awareness.

PSA template: Let’s use the airwaves to reach more test-takers. Customize our public service announcement (PSA) script so that it reflects your local testing program.

Poster: Motivate test-takers to finish their GED® test. Download the campaign poster or go to Brand Central to order the full-size poster. Available en Español.

Flyer: The 2002 Series Closeout Campaign flyer is a convenient way to let test-takers know they need to finish the test by the end of 2013. Do you want to include specific information about your testing center? Customize the flyer on Brand Central to include your center's information. Available en Español.


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Send test-takers to to learn more about the 2002 Series Closeout Campaign.





Closeout Campaign In Action


See what our supporters are doing and how to ramp up the campaign in your community.






Find out how you can get started with promoting the closeout campaign.

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Order free professionally printed campaign resources on Brand Central and we’ll ship them to your center.