Becoming a GED® test on computer site

The GED® test on computer is offered through Pearson VUE Authorized Test Centers (PVTC). Included in its network of test centers are hundreds of locations in community colleges, high schools, universities, government facilities, military bases, and private training companies.

Your pencil-and-paper center can be a PVTC too. It’s easy.

All you need to do is meet the technology, quality, and security requirements. And they’re not as complicated as you might think. Test centers need two computers (one for the test-taker; one for the test administrator) and the security equipment package, which costs $450.

GED Testing Service and Pearson VUE will work with each GED Administrator™ to identify additional coverage needs as well as additional testing on computer delivery partners to join the network.

The experts at Pearson VUE will provide guidance to create and maintain a distraction-free, state-of-the-art testing facility:

  • Easily understood and clearly defined technical and facility requirements
  • Secure testing environment via the Pearson VUE security kit
  • Software training and support
  • VUE Support Service team available 24/7
  • Online support through VUE Support Services website
  • Online chat and telephone test-taker support

Visit the Pearson VUE Test Center site for a technology overview and frequently asked questions about becoming an authorized test center.



View this document to see how the GED® test on computer is being implemented in correctional facilities.






Review the simple four-step process to implement testing on computer and become a PVTC.







The GED® test on computer can be offered anywhere that has Internet access, two computers, and a security package!