2014 Launch Kit

The 2014 GED® program gives students everything they need for success, and MyGED™ helps get them there. The student experience for the 2014 GED® program starts at GED.com.

Use the templates and resources below to help spread the word to your students and their supporters about the 2014 GED® program.


  • Email your students: Reach students quickly and cheaply by using our email template as a guide. Customize for your testing center and let students know the 2014 program is here. 

  • Hand out the 2014 GED® program flyer: Download and share the program flyer to tell students about the benefits of the 2014 GED® program

  • Update your website: Download website graphics to post key information about the program on your website 

  • Help students test with confidence: Download, print, and hang the Calculator Reference Guide and Math Formulas and Symbols posters to show students what tools they’ll have during the test. Testing centers can also send their mailing address to communications@GEDtestingservice.com to request these two FREE professionally printed posters. 

  • Share on Facebook or Twitter:
    • Facebook: MyGED™ is your start-to-finish tool for the 2014 GED program. Start today at www.GED.com.

    • Twitter: The student experience for the 2014 #GED program begins with #MyGED at www.GED.com. #adulted #innovation #edtech


Use these free resources as handouts to increase your outreach to adult learners in your community!


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 Math & Calculator Poster

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