The GED® Program

Only nationally recognized high school equivalency test aligned with current high school standards and career and college readiness expectations.

GED Ready Scores

Available in adult education programs and at home, GED Ready™ improves preparation and performance for all test-takers. Adults get first hand experience answering computer-based test questions written and developed by the test's creators.

Mobile-friendly, free, customizable, MyGED® is the start-to-finish online support program for adult learners and those who work with them. Adults can easily register and schedule their test, find preparation tools, check their score, and get support for college and career transitions.

Adults who don't pass need to know what to study in order to improve their score. And adults who do pass need to show employers and colleges their skills and abilities. The 2014 GED® Test Enhanced Score Report gives them both, online and in print.

Included as a zero-cost option in the 2014 program, GED Credentialing™ supports transcript and diploma fulfillment for jurisdictions who want it, and offers the benefits of the Smart Transcript.

Who supports a learner better than local educators and administrators? GED Analytics™ gives those professionals unprecedented access to view real-time data and export flexible reports for constant improvements in local programs.

Why the 2014 GED® Program?

We're facing a national crisis. Millions of adults, without high school diplomas, lack the skills and knowledge to succeed in the 21st century marketplace. This impacts every community in America.

That's why GED Testing Service has built not just a new test, but a new comprehensive program. The 2014 GED® program ensures that an adult's high school equivalency credential signifies he or she has the skills and knowledge necessary to take the next critical steps in their life.

We need to give these adults and their families a fighting chance. Their futures depend on it.