Retake your GED® test

Didn’t earn a passing score on one of the GED® test subjects? Don’t give up. The GED® test isn’t easy—only 60 percent of high school seniors pass the test on the first try.

You can re-take each GED® test subject a total of three times per year (see state policies for local rules about retesting). We’ll save your scores on the subjects you did pass, and combine them with the scores you receive when you test again. But remember, the current test retires in the United States at the end of 2013 and those scores can't be combined with the new test. The new 2014 GED® test will launch January 2, 2014 in all jurisdictions (except Canada). Finish by 2014.

Since most states charge for the GED® test, we recommend studying more for the test before re-testing. Don’t risk paying multiple times when you can study and pass. Visit GED Marketplace™ to find study materials to help you succeed.


The price of a re-test varies in each state and also changes based on whether you’re testing on paper or computer. Please visit your state’s policy page to see what a re-test will cost. 


Each state does re-testing differently. You’ll need to visit your state’s policy page or contact your local GED® test center to learn more about it.