International and Canadian GED® testing 

The GED® test is still available to adult learners all over the world. International and Canadian test-takers will continue to take the 2002 Series GED® Test. Get started now.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I view my scores or receive my credential and transcript?

If you have passed all five of the tests and earned a total score of 2,250 or more, you are eligible to receive a free copy of your credential and transcript. In order to receive these documents, please register and confirm your mailing address so we can send your documents.

You can also order duplicate/additional copies of your documents in digital or paper format by paying a small fee.

Please wait at least two weeks after your last test to register at this site. If you try earlier, the site may not have your data.

Please do not register at this site in following cases:
- You have not completed all five tests
- You have not passed all five tests
- You have not achieved a total score of 2,250 or more
In these cases, please continue your testing by registering and scheduling at Official transcripts can only be issued after all five parts of the test have been completed and passed.

If I have already taken the GED® test with Prometric, do my test scores remain valid? Can I finish the test with Pearson VUE?
Any GED® test scores earned through Prometric will remain valid and can be combined with scores earned at Pearson VUE test centers. GED Testing Service will maintain all records from GED® tests previously taken through Prometric.

If I have completed and passed some parts of the tests, but not all five parts, can I request an official transcript?
No. Official transcripts can only be issued after all five parts of the test have been completed and passed.

How do I order a duplicate copy of my transcript or certificate if I have taken and passed all five parts of the GED® test?
To order a duplicate transcript or credential, please visit Diploma Sender.

If I have tested with Pearson VUE in the past, can I use that same account information to schedule a GED® test with Pearson VUE?
No, you will need to create a new account for the GED® test.


How old do I need to be to register and take the GED® test internationally?

You must be at least 17 years of age to be eligible to register for the GED® test. If you are not 17 years of age, you cannot take the GED® test internationally.

How do I register for the test?
Visit our registration site to register for the GED® test at a nearby Pearson VUE test center.

If I have taken the GED® test with Prometric in the past, how do I register for the test?
Visit our registration site and select the text, “create an account.” On the next page, click the text “I have taken all or part of the GED test on computer INTERNATIONALLY before; find my record and create a profile.” Fill out the information on the following page (your identification number is your GED ID) and click submit to continue through the process.

Why isn’t my country listed under the “Credentialing Jurisdiction” section?
You should select “Other Countries” under the “Credentialing Jurisdiction” section to proceed with registration.

When do I select my Pearson VUE test center?
There are select Pearson VUE test centers worldwide that will offer the GED® test starting on February 13, 2013. You will select your test center and schedule your test appointment after completing registration.

What do I need to bring to Pearson VUE testing center for admission to test?
One form of identification is required.

Can I re-take the GED® test with Pearson VUE?
If you have tested and not passed all parts, you may re-take the test. A mandatory 90-day waiting period is required before you can schedule and re-take the test.

Do I have to be a resident of the location where I test?
No, there is not a residency policy for international testing.

What are the payment options at Pearson VUE testing centers?
Pearson VUE accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) credit cards. Visa and MasterCard debit cards featuring the standard Visa or MasterCard hologram are also accepted. Pearson VUE does not accept debit cards that require a PIN.

Will the test fees change?
Testing fees will be $50 per module (content area). The GED® test has 5 modules; learn more about the GED® test.

Will I have access to a calculator on test day?
You will have access to an on-screen calculator (a calculator embedded in the computer system) when taking the GED® Math Test. No physical calculators will be allowed in the test center on test day. The on-screen calculator is the Texas Instruments TI-30XS Multiview scientific calculator. Watch the video about using the TI-30XS.

If I have special needs for learning or physical disabilities, can Pearson VUE provide accommodated testing for me?
Requests for accommodations should be made to GED Testing Service according to the Accommodations for Disabilities instructions. Each request for accommodations is considered on a case-by-case basis. Your first step is to fill out a Request for Testing Accommodations form based on disability type.

How will I get my score report?
You will receive a preliminary unofficial score report for all parts except for the Writing GED® Test. Scores will be uploaded to your account on under the History Tab.

I have tried to find my results there and do not see them all.  What do I do now?
First contact the call center for your region. 
If they are unable to help you find your scores, we will research your test records.  Please complete and submit this form.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?
Please use the regional contact numbers below or send us an email:

Americas Region (AMER): 1-877-392-6433) or (toll) +1-952-905-7418
Asia Pacific (APAC) Region: +852-3077-4923
Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) Region (toll): 0044 (0) 161-855-7440


Why did GED Testing Service changing its international delivery from Prometric to Pearson VUE?
In February 2013 GED Testing Service changed its international test delivery provider from Prometric to Pearson VUE because Pearson VUE already delivers the GED® test in the United States and its territories. This change in delivery providers creates consistency in computer-based testing worldwide.

Will Pearson VUE be delivering a new test?
No; Pearson VUE will continue to deliver the current 2002 Series GED® Test.

When did this change happen?
The last day to test at a Prometric testing center was February 1, 2013. Select Pearson VUE test centers began offering registration and testing for the GED® test on February 13, 2013.

Who is Pearson VUE?
Pearson VUE is a business of Pearson plc. They specialize in providing testing and test delivery related services to educational programs globally.

Does this transition change my GED® testing transcript or diploma?
Any GED® test scores earned through Prometric for the 2002 Series GED® Test will remain valid and may be combined with scores earned at Pearson VUE test centers.

Where are the Pearson VUE testing centers located?
Individuals interested in taking the GED® test outside the U.S., its territories, and Canada can choose from select Pearson VUE test centers when scheduling the GED® test. Locate your nearest testing center.

If I have Prometric vouchers, can I use it towards tests through Pearson VUE?
No; Prometric vouchers are not valid for testing at Pearson VUE test centers.

Are my incomplete test scores earned through Prometricvalid with Pearson VUE?
Yes, GED® test scores earned through Prometric are valid with Pearson VUE.

Can my incomplete test scores earned through Prometric be combined with my scores earned through Pearson VUE?
Any GED® test scores earned through Prometric on or after January 1, 2008 will be combined with scores earned at Pearson VUE test centers.






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