Anytime, anywhere access to what you need

MyGED™ is the start-to-finish online program for test-takers and those who work with them. Launching at the end of November 2013, MyGED™ will be the hub for all 2014 GED® test activities.


We provide a personalized online program that guides test-takers through the entire testing process and assists in post-secondary transitions.

  • Get jurisdiction-specific information
  • Prepare online with selected study materials using the study tool wizard
  • Register
  • Request accommodations
  • Schedule test and re-test
  • Review test day tips
  • View and print enhanced score reports with study recommendations
  • Order transcripts and diploma
  • Transition to college & careers



Enhanced exceptions management means you can confirm a test-taker’s eligibility quickly and securely.


Online tools can help you connect with learners to see what their study plans look like at home and to award them for progress in the classroom. Collaborate with other teachers and even post lesson plans, podcasts, or other resources for teachers and learners miles away.


Get in on the excitement! Share your day-to-day pain points that could be improved with MyGED™ and it could be included in future development work.