GED Credentialing™

As GED Administrators™ you understand the need to provide credentials for people that pass the GED® test today and for people that passed 20 years ago.  But providing this service is:

  • Costly
  • Requires significant management inside the jurisdiction office
  • Mandates stringent security requirements to ensure data is safe and compliant with FERPA standards 

GED Testing Service offers GED Credentialing™ as a zero-cost option for jurisdictions who wish to have GED Testing Service fulfill credentials for your GED® graduates.


  • GED Testing Service will fulfill diplomas and transcripts for both new and repeat requests for as far back as there is data available
  • Initial diploma and transcript are FREE to test-takers who pass the GED® test
  • Repeat requests are charged a small convenience fee for delivering an official copy of the transcript

The jurisdiction still owns the credential. GED Testing Service provides GED Credentialing™ as an outsourced service to make the most of the 2014 GED® program.


  1. Test-taker passes the GED® test will automatically receive an electronic, secure, diploma and Smart Transcript. This is delivered immediately to their email address after their test is scored.
  2. Test-taker can view, print, and request a professionally-printed diploma free of charge
  3. Test-taker can send the transcript to an employer or college of their choice
  4. From that point forward, colleges and employers can search for and order documents for test-takers who have passed the test



What does the GED® credential mean? Hope? A chance to get a good job with a good wage? A fighting chance at the American dream? All of this is true, but how do the colleges and employers view the achievement? The answer to that lies in the transcript they review. 

With the Smart Transcript from GED Testing Service:

  • Every college and employer can easily link from the transcript to a description of the skills and abilities demonstrated by the adult who passed the GED® test.   
  • Adult learners can begin to level the playing field with high school graduates who have familiar transcripts
  • Graduates can receive full recognition and credit for passing the new GED® test and, in some cases, earning the GED® Score with Honors



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