Assessment Guide for Educators
(Updated: July 2014)

The Assessment Guide for Educators is a frontline resource for adult educators and administrators to better understand the new GED® assessment, from the ground up. We’ll dissect the new assessment and explain the decisions behind new item types, assessment targets, and other issues.

The new assessment—being launched January 2, 2014, in all jurisdictions (except Canada and International)—will continue to measure high school equivalency. But it doesn’t stop there. GED Testing Service takes a giant step forward by measuring skills associated with success in a variety of pathways, including college coursework and job training programs.

The Assessment Guide for Educators will guide you through the new assessment and highlight item types, assessment targets, guidelines for how items will be scored, and much more.

More than 6,000 people downloaded one of the three chapters in the Assessment Guide for Educators when it was originally released in March 2012. It’s your turn to hear directly from the experts at GED Testing Service about what will be in the new assessment. As a result of feedback from the field, the Guide has been newly updated as of December 2013 to answer your questions and provide additional clarity. Download the guide today and start talking to colleagues about how we can work together to prepare adults for a brighter future. See Frequently Asked Questions about the 2014 GED® test.


Assessment Guide for Educators




Assessment Guide For EducatorsUPDATED! ASSESSMENT GUIDE

What teachers, examiners, and administrators need to know about the new assessment in 2014. Newly updated July 2014 edition!